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How can I help?

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One to one therapy
I like to work with people in a collaborative way, integrating aspects of several models of therapy working across a broad range of issues.
Areas of particular interest are trauma, anxiety, addictions, codependency, self esteem, self care and wellbeing. 
© 2021 Jo Penn
Couples & Relationships

My focus when working with couples is mainly on improving communication. 


Experiencing conflict in relationships is normal. However, relationships suffer when couples lack the necessary skills for addressing inevitable issues and we get stuck and drift apart.

© 2021 Jo Penn
Supervision & Training

I supervise the clinical work of a small number of psychiatrists, therapists and psychologists.


I also provide bespoke training to organisations in the commercial, health and education sectors.

© 2021 Jo Penn
Addiction and co-occuring disorders

I help people with a variety of addictions be they substance or behavioural dependencies. I’m particularly interested in exploring underlying issues and co-occurring disorders and how these might fuel an addiction. 


For those not requiring residential treatment, I have developed a 10 week outpatient programme to help people get started on the road to recovery.

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